I am THE cat.  My friends call me "Beau".  I play, eat, sleep and love "my people" .  That's it.  Oh, I forgot, I have to earn a living, thus I sell "Cat Items" in our shop.  A cat's got to eat you know.  Below are a few of my pictures from my albums so you can get to know me better and become my "new best friend".

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This is me with my red wagon and Boyds Bear

I had to stop for a break.

I play on my gym set - Gwen has a trampoline, but I only have this!

Time for another break.

I Have Grown

And now have responsibilities -
Do You Remember Piano Lessons?

Trick 'n Treatin' 1st Halloween

I Sing Too

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Happy Birthday To Me Don't I Look Thrilled?

Beau's pet Bunny decides to reach new heights


Well, I made it!

Beau & his Pet "Bunny"

Beau watches over his Bunny